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We provide an early warning system to help detect disease earlier. DigiScan™, Our 10-second finger scanner, detects preventable disease quickly, easily, and accurately. We are creating a world where everyone can track their health status using a quick and painless finger scan, and receive actional information.

Pharmacist preparing to use the ViBo Health DigiScan.

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ViBo Health featured in Dot.LA

In an article on Dot.LA entitled, "These 2 Los Angeles Startups Are on the Forefront of a New Space Health Care System" by Samson Amore, ViBo Health is featured.

...Right now, Vibo has a growing business terrestrially, but Travish told dot.LA he’s eager to see how the tech could be applied to astronauts. “It is a niche, of course, but it's a growing niche,” Travish said. He noted that Vibo hopes to do in-space testing within the next two years...

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We mourn the loss of our senior advisor, Michael Corrigan

Late last year (2022) Mike passed away suddenly and unexpectedly. Our team came to rely on his sound advice, guidance, and good-natured way of cutting to the chase.

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BioCom Lifelines Features our CEO Gil Travish

Biocom California is a trade group promoting the Biotech and related fields in California on policy and other matters. Their "Lifelines" newsletter asked three area leaders for their thoughts on the future...

“We see an acceleration of health monitoring technologies to better inform and guide individuals about their health state. The combination of sensor developments and the trend towards telemedicine will serve to improve patient care and reduce pressures on the primary care health systems.”-Gil Travish, Founder & CEO, ViBo Health

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“Our goal is to transform healthcare to be truly personalized, precise, and predictive.”

- Dr. Gil Travish, Co-founder

A substantial proportion of poor health is preventable. From heart disease to diabetes, hundreds of millions of people worldwide are suffering from preventable conditions.

The consequence for individuals is loss of independence, years of disability, or death. The cost to society is enormous. US healthcare spending attributable to modifiable risk factors is $730 billion per year or 27% of total healthcare spending.

Early diagnosis is crucial to help delay or prevent the onset of preventable disease. However, the tools we have for early screening are ineffective, cumbersome, and inaccessible.

We will offer many of the benefits of traditional laboratory tests without the pain of a blood draw and the waiting times associated with wet laboratory tests. We are disrupting the conventional disease detection model of blood and laboratory testing, which is expensive, time-consuming, often performed late, and only accessible in clinical settings.

Our First Use-Case: Pre-Diabetes

Diabetes is one of the most pervasive and expensive diseases in the world. In the last 20 years, the number of adults diagnosed with diabetes in the US has more than doubled .1 in 10 American adults is now diagnosed with diabetes.

Staggeringly, 1 in 3 Americans have pre-diabetes, yet the vast majority (80%) don’t know they have it.

The cost of allowing pre-diabetes to go undetected and develop into Type 2 diabetes, is enormous. In the US, $1 in every $4 spent on healthcare is for diabetes care. Employers pay $8,000 per year for a diabetic employee. Preventing diabetes provides a company with an ROI over 10 years of $55,000 per employee.

Blood tests are the only reliable test for pre-diabetes. They are typically performed too late following the appearance of symptoms, requiring specialist personnel, and performed only by healthcare providers.

There is therefore an urgent need to make pre-diabetes detection quick, easy, and accessible to help prevent or delay the onset of diabetes.

DigiScan™ transforms early detection of pre-diabetes and disrupts the current diagnosis model which misses 80% of cases.

ViBo Health Product Render

Our DigiScan™ product is under development and has multiple benefits for pre-diabetes detection:

Accurately detects multiple biomarkers (metabolites) validated for the identification of pre-diabetes, including glucose variability, insulin, A1C, lipid changes, lactate, and CRP.

Accessible: Available in easy-to-access locations such as gyms, pharmacies, and workplaces.

Easy to use: No need for specialist personnel, instant results, and instant recommendations.

Quick: 10-second finger scan.

Inexpensive: No direct cost to the end user.

Small footprint: Size of a breadbox.


The ViBo Health team are experienced medical device, business, and finance entrepreneurs with a proven track record. Dr. Gil Travish (CEO & Founder) has over 20 years of experience in hard med-tech, and physics, and has founded four companies including two in medical devices. Ron Stone (CFO) is a serial entrepreneur and former CFO and COO of Ronco Corporation. Dr. Katariina Salonen (Clinical Lead) is an Emergency Room Doctor with training in Surgery and work experience internationally (Finland, US, and Brazil). Peter John (Director of Finance) was previously CFO of two successful startups and is an experienced financial modeler with a master’s degree in economics from Oxford University and a PwC-trained financial analyst.

Latest news

ViBo Health Announces Competition Win and Strategic Investment

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BioCom Lifelines Features our CEO Gil Travish

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ViBo Health featured in Dot.LA

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We will offer many of the benefits of traditional laboratory tests without the pain of a blood draw and the waiting times associated with wet laboratory tests.

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Our tests can be used several times per week to offer a timeline (longitudinal) and predict healthcare status changes on an individual, and population bases. The tests provide data for the individual user to maintain and control a health status.

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GPs, clinicians, and health workers can be provided diagnostic indicators of disease. The privacy of the customers is secured throughout, and all services are opt-in.

The customer benefits through cost savings for tests and the comfort of knowing “how they are doing” and what to expect at the next doctor visit. Clinicians benefit from longitudinal, dynamic and comparable data for each customer that is currently difficult or not practical to obtain.

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The healthcare system and the entire society benefits from better informed public health efforts, cost savings, more actionable data, and improved outcomes.

ViBo Health Product Render